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The Thoughtful Spot

Author: Eric R. Wuele
Genre: Mystery
Reviewed by Liz Burton

10080410Once in a great while a book arrives from a self-published writer that is the exception to the unfortunate truth that most such books fail to meet professional standards on one if not more levels.

The Thoughtful Spot is such a book.

Written with a marvelous economy that makes it difficult to discuss the story without giving away spoilers, this second novel by Californian Eric Weule tells the story of Tyler, a young man whose world crumbles around him, and Stacey, a woman whose world ended in all but name three years before with the death of her five-year-old son. Yet these two strangers are bound in a mystery that they must solve before they can begin to rebuild what has been shattered.

The Thoughtful Spot relies heavily on coincidence, at least at first glance. As one follows Tyler and Stacey on their paths of inevitability, however, the question is posed whether there really is such a thing as coincidence; or whether we are, in fact, driven, guided and led to be where we need to be to achieve what needs to be done. Mr. Weule never feels the need to rely on religious ideas or imagery. Instead, he leaves the question open so that the reader can interpret events and manifestations as it suits.

From the first page, both the compelling characters and the unrelenting pace keep the reader snared in the unraveling story until the moment of revelation when the mystery is solved. For this is both a mystery and a personal spiritual journey for Tyler and Stacey from which they cannot help but emerge changed, whether they solve that mystery or not.

A master of imagery, Mr. Weule’s book is a sensual banquet, full of sights and sounds and scents and touches that bring his world to vivid life. This is a book that should somehow be placed in the hands of M. Night Shayamalan, for it begs to be a movie.


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